Wishin' and Hopin'

I have a constantly growing wish list in my head (and in various online shopping carts) at all times. It can include a variety of items, ranging from a black t-shirt to a house.

Here's a few more realistic things I have my eye on right now...

whale poster
This poster would make a great addition to our home (I'm already picturing it hanging in the bathroom). I love the wood frame, neutral coloring, and quirky concept.

I'm really into subscription boxes right now (Until a few months ago, I didn't even know that was a thing...). This one, from Julibox, includes two cocktail recipes and supplies each month. It would be a great way to learn how to make great drinks and stock my bar.

bear tank
How cute is this bear tank?! It would be perfect with some distressed, high-waisted jeans, strappy sandals, and a long, striped sweater. If only the weather in Washington would allow me to do this sooner than August...

anthropologie rug
I can't even express my love for this rug. My plan is to get the 3x5 and put it in the kitchen, to break up some of the "rental beige". We'll see if I can get my wallet (and boyfriend) to agree.

jeffrey campbell boot 
I have been drooling over these boots for months. I almost got them last week, but decided to hold out for a little longer (until I can convince myself that adding another boot to my current collection is worth the hit to my bank account).

There are about a thousand other things on my list, but I will save those for another post.