Inspiring Me Lately: Home Edition

My home is very eclectic and colorful, mostly because I just buy what I like and don't think too much about whether or not it will work in my space. This is a constant struggle, but I'm working on it! I like too many styles to choose just one, but I love looking at more put-together spaces for new ideas. Below are a few of the spaces that have been inspiring me lately...

emily's gorgeous bedroom

elsie's mid-century inspired living room (including diy record cabinet that I plan to make very soon) - 


love the idea of displaying beautiful pieces of clothing -

can't get enough of these bold uses of color

i would never be able to do this, but i love the idea of a black and white kitchen -



on the hunt.

I always have a running list of clothes, shoes, accessories and even home goods that I am on the hunt for. Right now I'm finding that I could use some good basics in my wardrobe. I tend to buy statement pieces far more often than staples, which leaves me with a bunch of pieces that don't work together.

Here's what I'm on the hunt for right now...

printed or color blocked shoes that go with everything - 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

the perfect white tee - 
1 - 2 - 3

a classic leather tote - 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4



Magic Carpet

Or rug?

It's amazing how one piece can completely change a room. It can also make you fall back in love with things you may not have been loving so much lately.

I saw this rug at an antique store a week or so ago and had been thinking about it ever since. Lately I've been trying to be smarter with my purchases (only buy things I love and know for sure will work in our home), so I wasn't sure if I should buy it (even with a price tag of only $40 and the fabulous condition). But when I went back to the antique store this weekend and it was still there, I knew it was meant to be.

Last week I hated my coffee table, couch, and pillows. Now I love them all! My coffee table styling needs a little help, but I'm working on it. Right now I have some fresh flowers place on the books, but it's too gloomy to get a good shot of it.



ohmygod, shoes.

Yes, I know the reference in the title is old. No, I don't care. 

I love shoes...(who doesn't?)...but ever since I moved to the PNW and started working retail, I find myself buying shoes that are more practical than pretty. It was much easier to justify shoes I couldn't walk in when I sat "behind a desk" (it was really more of a table, but that's besides the point). Now I must not only be able to walk in them, but also be able to stand for 8+ hours without wanting to chop my feet off. This is no easy task, especially for someone with a low pain tolerance. 

Not only do I need to worry about comfort on days that I work, but also on days that I have off. Have you ever tried wearing high heels/wedges in the rain/wind? It's not easy. I have enough trouble on flat ground when the weather is perfect.

Here is an example of how I go about solving this problem on work days:

vintage red boots (similar here and here) - topshop black jeans - prabal for target sleeveless blouse

I am completely aware of the amount of craziness it takes to wear a bright floral print with bright red boots.

And here is an example of what I wear on my days off:

dv dolce vita booties - levis jeans - old navy sweater (way cooler version here) - ted baker wool/leather jacket (similar here and here) - topshop scarf (similar here)

Leopard on leopard is my new favorite combo.

Someday, when I'm a rich and famous blogger (that's a thing, right?), I'll have someone to take pictures of my entire outfit. For now, I will use the feet shot or selfies in mirrors.