Magic Carpet

Or rug?

It's amazing how one piece can completely change a room. It can also make you fall back in love with things you may not have been loving so much lately.

I saw this rug at an antique store a week or so ago and had been thinking about it ever since. Lately I've been trying to be smarter with my purchases (only buy things I love and know for sure will work in our home), so I wasn't sure if I should buy it (even with a price tag of only $40 and the fabulous condition). But when I went back to the antique store this weekend and it was still there, I knew it was meant to be.

Last week I hated my coffee table, couch, and pillows. Now I love them all! My coffee table styling needs a little help, but I'm working on it. Right now I have some fresh flowers place on the books, but it's too gloomy to get a good shot of it.


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