ohmygod, shoes.

Yes, I know the reference in the title is old. No, I don't care. 

I love shoes...(who doesn't?)...but ever since I moved to the PNW and started working retail, I find myself buying shoes that are more practical than pretty. It was much easier to justify shoes I couldn't walk in when I sat "behind a desk" (it was really more of a table, but that's besides the point). Now I must not only be able to walk in them, but also be able to stand for 8+ hours without wanting to chop my feet off. This is no easy task, especially for someone with a low pain tolerance. 

Not only do I need to worry about comfort on days that I work, but also on days that I have off. Have you ever tried wearing high heels/wedges in the rain/wind? It's not easy. I have enough trouble on flat ground when the weather is perfect.

Here is an example of how I go about solving this problem on work days:

vintage red boots (similar here and here) - topshop black jeans - prabal for target sleeveless blouse

I am completely aware of the amount of craziness it takes to wear a bright floral print with bright red boots.

And here is an example of what I wear on my days off:

dv dolce vita booties - levis jeans - old navy sweater (way cooler version here) - ted baker wool/leather jacket (similar here and here) - topshop scarf (similar here)

Leopard on leopard is my new favorite combo.

Someday, when I'm a rich and famous blogger (that's a thing, right?), I'll have someone to take pictures of my entire outfit. For now, I will use the feet shot or selfies in mirrors.


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